Company History

1935 Established at Riken (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) as a facility to manufacture and sell abrasive products based on Riken’s technologies for abrasive materials.
1937 Completed Oji factory in Oji, Kita-Ku, Tokyo. Moved there from the Riken site.
1938 Acquired a garnet mining right in Kawaba ,Gunma Prefecture and built the Numata Factory.
1953 Completed the development of a system for static electricity coating (Patented: Received a development grant from the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology organized under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry).
1956 Completed the development of a high-precision production line for coated abrasives (funded by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry).
1958 Completed a full production line for wide belts at the Oji factory.
1960 Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1965 Built the Konosu factory in Konosu-City, Saitama Prefecture.
1970 Concluded a technical agreement for the manufacture of coated abrasives with Norton U.S.A. and established Riken Norton Co., Ltd.
1976 Succeeded in the first domestic production of Zirconia abrasive products, and launched their production and sale.
1978 Acquired a 100% share of Riken Norton Co. and renamed the company Riken Corundum Co., Ltd.
1981 Merged with Riken Co., Ltd.
1982 Built the Riken Kamiya Building on a vacant let next to the Oji factory. (Presently renting the building to Daiei, one of the leading superstores in Japan.)
1990 Discontinued the technical agreement with Norton.
1996 Built the Niiharu factory in Niiharu, Tone, Gunma Prefecture.
2002 Established Riken MT Coated Abrasives as a joint venture in China.
2003 Obtained ISO9001 certification.
2006 Obtained ISO14001 certification.
2007 Established "RIKEN HONG KONG Co., Ltd." in Hong Kong which sells office automation equipment as affiliate company. Acquired shares of KHO-KAN group which coated abrasive maker and operate as subsidiary.
2008 Establish a Los Angeles branch office in USA.
2010 Set up new converting factory on Konosu factory premise.
2015 Conclude a capital and business alliance with Okamoto industries Inc..
2017 Tokyo branch is relocated to Taitou-ku, Tokyo. Nagoya office is relocated to Higasi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi. Established Northern Japan office.
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