Company information


EARTH MARK, our original trademark, expresses the company mission:
To enrich society by providing a steady supply of products and services that satisfy customers all around the Earth.

Mission Statement

  • We act truthfully, fairly, and responsibly, stopping at nothing to fulfill our social responsibilities by complying with stringent standards as one of Japan’s leaders in the field of grinding and polishing.
  • Customers First. We provide supreme services and products of the highest quality. l We strive constantly to earn high valuations from shareholders and the market, as well as the reliance of society as a whole.
  • We provide attractive, enriching, and inviting workplace for employees.

Quality Policy

  • We work ceaselessly to improve customer satisfaction and the quality of our manufacturing by refining our quality management systems and researching how we can better serve customer needs.

Action Policy

  • We endeavor to maintain and expand company assets by practicing fair, free, and transparent competition.
  • Every employee works independently to accomplish his or her tasks and build an open-minded workplace.

Essential Goals

  • Improve production and profitability.
  • Expand sales and reinforce customer services.
  • Develop new items and discover new markets.
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